30 Brilliant Ideas That Can Make Life Easy and Comforting :TROLL STREET(LIFE HACKS)


This Elevator Has A Call Button 30 Feet Away So The Doors Will Be Open By The Time You Get To Them


The Roofs Of UPS Trucks Are Not Brown. They’re Translucent So The Inside Of The Truck Doesn’t Need To Be Lit During The Day



This Pill Bottle Lid Tells You When You Last Opened It


Some Roads In Australia Are So Long And Boring They Have Trivia Signs To Keep Drivers Alert


This Elevator Has Buttons You Can Kick For Sanitation Purposes



This Fence Is Shaped To Create Seating


In Rwanda The Stoplights Have The Seconds Until The Light Changes On Them



This Swing Is Designed So That The Kid And The Parent Can Swing Together


Shop Has Light Settings So You Can See How Good/Bad Your Outfit Will Look At Different Times Of Day



Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush


The Mirror In A Hotel In Japan Has A Heated Part That Won’t Steam Up After A Shower



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